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Our Story

Goddess Swag™ was born from my own experience and life journey.  I was not in a good place and was really struggling with every day life.  I had a string of abusive relationships, my self worth and confidence were very low. I had acne and was just feeling exhausted from supporting myself.
I was working with a friend of mine who is an energy healer.  He created an exercise with the goal of helping me shift my perspective on life, see a brighter future, and most importantly empower myself.  At the end of the exercise, he asked me how I felt.  I said I feel great.  In fact, I feel "gangsta".  From that  moment, I experienced a shift in myself and discovered my goddess essence.  And then I had one of those ah-ha moments, and Gangsta Goddess™ came forth as the first shirt design name.  I knew I wanted to create my own company and offer apparel and accessories for a goddess. Just like you!  Goddess Swag is women owned and is for every size, age, gender, non-binary identities, orientation or color. It is intended to be fun, cool, hip and with goddess energy sprinkled on every item.  
The message the Goddess Swag brand wishes to convey, is that you are enough, you are worthy, and always loved.  Self love starts within yourself.  You can be, do, and have anything you desire.  Even at 50 something ;)
It's about finding that light within yourself, turning it on, and shining it bright.  Whatever it is that lights you up and makes you sparkle.  For me, it is Goddess Swag™ and all that it symbolizes. It is my hope that our items bring you joy and that you find the Gangsta Goddess™ in you!
Goddess Swag™ is truly swag for the soul™.  It is made with love, infused with goddess essence and high vibration.  Don't ever let anyone dim your light or dull your sparkle.  
With Gratitude,
Magick, miracles, and blessings